Thursday, August 13, 2009

Four years ago tonight...

Four years ago tonight, I left my desk in the newsroom for the last time.
My metaphor for editing was always that of the plate spinner.
I'm just barely old enough to remember having seen them on the Ed Sullivan show when i was single digits.
I always mark this anniversary with gratitude, but this year it seems bittersweet for numerous reasons, starting with the layoff of dear friends twice this year.

My journey these past four years has been remarkable.
And I marvel that it could really only be four years since I started seminary, and now I pastor a church.
I have lived so much life in these four years that I could not have imagined that night.

As a former-journalist, I can't help but wonder what the five-year anniversary story will be. Perhaps I should go start working on it...


Jeri said...

I recognize both the gratefulness and grief in knowing now, what would befall the newspaper you worked for. There are many ways I have seen you use your newspaper skills in ministry, and I have admired them greatly.

Claire said...

Karen, I look back on our lives in Paris, Texas, as the most cherished of times. I am honored to know you. The older I get the more I realize how life is unfolding as it should...and with each passing day we are led on a path that brings so many people together. You are loved.

Beth said...

Dear one, I had no idea your path diverged so recently. Obviously, you (however soon and quickly you mastered (pun intended) seminary) have been minitering for some time in your life.

I can only hope to live long enough and move fast enough to leave the insurance world behind and join you as an ordained minister.

blessings always my friend,
Beth from the Arc