Tuesday, October 10, 2006

God appears to drive a black Ford F-150 pickup truck

I'm driving from Claremont to Pasadena this morning on the 210, trying not to think of Job. (And trying to get a different song of praise stuck in my head.)

But I can't get away from Job.

In the slow and go traffic, I catch a glimpse of the license plate on a black Ford F-150 pickup truck in the lane next to mine. And the first three letters are:


I can't get away from the man.

Then I look more closely, and I see that the rest of the plate says:


Job's Creator is driving the black Ford F-150 pickup truck ahead of me.

I never get close enough to see if Job's Creator is a man or a woman.

And then I wonder if God's vanity plate changes with the lectionary.


juniper68 said...

Hilarious post! ...and
welcome to the RevGals

RevErikaG said...

so long as it was Job's creator and not Job's adversary....all's good, right?!
I love this post, even more because I know what meeting you were headed to at the bat cave.
No wonder Job's been on the mind and spirit...Erika

Marian said...

Woah! That's just so funny. I've always believed that God tries very hard to make us laugh from time to time.