Saturday, November 04, 2006

Joseph and Mistaken Identity

Some of Ryan's most random thoughts and his most profound questions come in that chaotic morning time when he is supposed to be getting dressed.

Recently, as I sat in a rocking chair in his room, suggesting he should try to get his socks on next, he offered this little bit of theology:

I know who Mary is, Mom.


Mary is Jesus mother.

This from a boy who has ditched Sunday School for a month, so I don't really know why the holy family was in the forefront of his mind.

And Joseph is Jesus father, he says.

And that means Joseph is God.

I hesitate for a moment trying to decide how to correct this case of mistaken identity without getting into deeper theological discussion about things like virgin birth or more complex biological discussion about things like human reproduction.

And in my hesitation, Ryan has moved on to other topics, and I choose to leave his wayward theology uncorrected, deciding it is harmless enough.

And it is.

Two days later, I learn why Mary and Joseph were on Ryan's mind.

For their Christmas show, Ryan and his class are singing a beautiful Christmas song: Mary Did You Know. Most of the class will be angels and one boy will be Joseph and one girl will be Mary.

On Friday, they drew names to see who would be Joseph and Mary.

Of course, Ryan will be Joseph.

Sometime before Dec. 8, I suppose, I need to tell him that he's not God.

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molly said...

You can, however, assure him that he is created in God's image.

Just like all the other kids (and us old folks, too...)