Saturday, January 20, 2007

Comfortable shoes

Five pairs of comfortable shoes returned to me this week after a five-week absence.

In truth, they had been gone longer because even in my possession they were unwearable. Though that didn't always stop me from wearing the most comfortable black ones even though the toe of the left shoe was flapping open.

I found a cobbler in Claremont who could repair five pairs of shoes I loved to death for the price of two new pair.

But they weren't ready when I left school in early December at the end of the fall semester.

For five weeks, I have been wearing dress shoes with higher heels than I care to wear for more than a couple of hours at a time. I have been wearing them 8, 9 and 10 hours at a time.

Wednesday, I picked up all five pair and immediately kicked off some black dress shoes and slipped joyfully into my black, comfy flats.

Pretty mundane post, but it can be summed up in one word: Contentment.


RevErikaG said...

Hooray for comfy shoes! I wear sneakers all the time for that same reason...if my feet are content, as go's a link to a similar article in Newsweek I just read:
I'll call tomorrow!

karen said...

Thanks for the article, Erika, and thanks for the call to come.
I look forward to talking to you about those visionary young Cal-Pac clergy to see if I can restart my journalism career, but this time as a United Methodist Reporter!

molly said...

Maybe there's a reason that sole and soul are homophones.

I'm very happy for your shoes. And, in this age of disposable everything, proud of your choosing to reuse!

(That's one of the 3 R's, you know...)

Rock on.

Marian said...

It's good to have awareness of the everyday joys. Comfy shoes being one of the best.

As for me, Wayne just surprised me with a pair of cowboy boots. I've never had cowboy boots before.

They are brown and turquoise. They make me so happy I wore them to do the laundry, to go to the grocery store and to teach all my classes last Friday.

Take your quotidian happiness where you can get it... that is the stuff of the universe. :)