Thursday, April 05, 2007

I keep coming back to the wisteria...

The wisteria that overflows a wall on the church's plaza continues to delight me, as does the song bird who frequently sits among its brilliant blossoms.

At CST, the campus is alive with amazing natural signs of new life in almost every hue.

I have been enjoying the emergence of spring for weeks, savoring simple details.

This morning, thinking again of the wisteria, I had to ask myself, was it not in bloom last year? And campus, did it also not burst forth with spring a year ago, when all I noticed was the aloe vera and later the bearded iris?

Thus, this is a prayer of thanksgiving not just for wisteria but for the healing and wholeness that has opened my eyes to the goodness in the world and in my life.

May I always see the wisteria.



Amy said...

At my old house, the front porch was covered in wisteria. Every year when it bloomed, I would get giddy with the sight and smell of it.

molly said...

Dude, last week, the wisteria was so meager that I felt guilt as I took off a small cutting in an attempt to root my own vine.

The week before, it was BROWN and DEAD-looking.

Today, it's GONE CRAZY!!!

I love that.