Monday, August 13, 2007

Has it really been 2 years?

Two years ago tonight, I left my desk at The San Diego Union-Tribune for the last time.

The two years since then have been an incredible journey.

So much life, so much depth, so much art, so much connection, so much communion has filled those years.

I would not have begun to be able to predict or even imagine that night where I would be today.

I still have trouble saying it out loud, but I'll try in writing...

...I would not have begun to have predicted that I would already be a pastor. (That's the part I still have trouble saying outloud. I have demurred twice in the past 24 hours, saying I'm "on staff" at FUMC.)

and I would not have begun to predict that I would be almost finished with seminary. (I had thought I was on a four-year plan that might stretch to five.)

But my realization this past week has been that ministry is at least as fun as journalism and, for me, more meaningful, more relevant, maybe even more urgent.

And, much more importantly, I really feel like I get to be much more my authentic self in ministry than I ever did in journalism.

There was a time in the past two years when I made an attempt to run back to the newspaper, more because life -- grief -- had gotten so hard that I craved the familiar.

But now ministry has become familiar, and I look forward to many more years of growth and challenge and communion.

In gratitude for the teachings and example of Jesus.
In appreciation and awe of the sustaining presence of the Holy Spirit.
Thanks be to God.

my thoughts this time last year

my proudest creation in journalism

where I hang now with the Spirit and a bunch of good folks in worship and fellowship


molly said...

It's been two good years for me!

I'm glad you made the leap.

(Not quite like teleporting, but still a good leap...) ;)

Orangeblossoms said...

Your voice is so gentle and pastoral.... I have no doubt that you made the right leap. God is good....

Jeri said...

Honored really to be on that journey with you.