Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pastor Praises Peep Show

This is just too fun and funny not to share...

Apparently there's this craft craze -- Molly why haven't I heard about this from you? -- that involves making dioramas out of Peeps.

Trivial, you say.
Child's play, you think.

Perhaps, but, also sanctioned by The Washington Post, which for the past two years has run a contest.

Here's a link to this year's Peep Show.

I have too many favorites to name but U2PeepD is particularly amusing.

Here a link to last year's Peep Show. Peep Show.

Apparently the Chicago Tribune held a contest this year, but they seem to have let people submit their own photos, there's a definite difference in photo quality and consistenency. You can go here to see finalists and to get links to 100s! more.

(A word of warning if you're viewing this with kids, one or two of the dioramas are rated PeepsG for suggestive content, but even they would require explanation for kids to notice.) Exhibit A:

This seems right up the alley of my friend Michelle from seminary who once told the story of the Maccabees using troll dolls -- the sight of dismembered troll dolls in commuter housing was startling! But just think what she could do with Peeps!


Jeri said...

In sickish delight and irony...I personally liked the Peeps roasting marshmallows around a campfire.

thanks for bringing this sticky sugary delight to my attention

RevErikaG said...

Well, peeps do have an indefinite shelf life...perfect for dioramas! I expect that Molly will be making one very soon now...knowing her love of peeps!

molly said...

Um...if I said I was more into natural or recycled materials these days, would that excuse me from this oversight?

Peeps are like styrofoam, and they just may never leave our landfills.

Though diorama creation does look like an awfully good time!

Orangeblossoms said...

For more Peep enjoyment see Uccelina's website. I think you'll like her multi-part Peep illustrated story.