Saturday, May 19, 2007

Disney pics


molly said...

They have Legos at Disneyland??!?!?!

I could handle the Pooh/Mickey merger. And even the Jedi/Mickey merger.

But Legos?

(Or, perhaps you were just at the Lego store in Downtown Disney, and all is well with the cosmic order.)

I'm not sure why the merger of so many childhood pieces is so bothersome. I think it just seems like no one company should have that much power of my nostalgia.

And, what I meant to say is: cool pix! Thanks for sharing your fun. ;)

karen said...

The Lego store was in Downtown Disney, not in Disneyland.

Fear not, friend. Disney has yet to co-opt LEGO OR Lincoln Logs!

And, from my childhood, Tonka remains safe, and if Disney ever gets its mousey paws on the moon landing I'll be lamenting along with you!

RevErikaG said...

Oh, I SO need to play! Thanks for sharing these great pics!