Friday, July 20, 2007

July 20, 1969

It is the night of that long-ago moon walk.
A night that was filled with hope for the future 38 years ago for me.
At nine, I couldn't know that I was seeing what likely would be the greatest space achievement of my lifetime. I thought it was the beginning, not the end.
At nine, I couldn't know how symbolic that moon would become for me.
Symbolic of my father, with a connection back to his grandfather, with a connection back to his grandfather's grandfather.
Symbolic of my faith. Sometimes I shiver, tremble even, at the thought that I can see the same moon that Jesus did, that David did, that first man and first woman did.
At nine, I couldn't know that I would gaze upon that moon when I wanted connection with distant loved ones. I couldn't know the moon would become a comfort.
There was so much I couldn't know at nine, but I am grateful to know it now.
And I await what other wonders the moon may bring.


Marian said...

The moon is really good. Thanks for all your good support, by the way.

Jeri said...

I share in your love of the moon and the vast territory of space.

The darkness with points of light of reference remind me of theology. And how all we have to guide us sometimes are small pieces of light in a darkened world of chaos. But there are many of them. Praise God

Orangeblossoms said...

Our little guy is really into constellations right now. He tries to spot them while I get to moongaze. What a gift. Thanks, also, for your beautiful poetry.