Friday, August 10, 2007

An early indication of call?

We let Ryan watch a "movie" on the Cartoon Network tonight. It was the first time he got to stay up and watch a "movie" at night. It was "Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix."

Even though we were all on the sofa -- Simpsons style -- I have no clue what the movie was about. I chose to organize my CPE papers in preparation for writing my final exam.

I had come into the computer room to print some missing papers just as the movie was ending. Ryan came in and jumped in my lap.

M: Did you have fun watching your movie?
R: Yes.
M: What was it about?
R: (enthusiastically) Battle!
M: (Pouting with my lip stuck out.) Why do you like battle so much?
R: Maybe I was born knowing some day I would be in the military.
M: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
R: Just kidding. (and it sounds like he really was just kidding)
M: I don't want you to be in the military. (Pulling him closer and looking him in the eyes.) I hope you become someone who works for peace.
R: I will. (Said reassuringly.)

He scrambles down, about to head upstairs to get ready for bed. Then he turns back and looks at me.

R: Maybe I might even become a pastor. (And it's clear not only that he means it but that he's thought about it before this moment.)

(CPE not only has taken away most of my writing time this summer, now even my blogs read like verbatims!)


Jeri said...

I'll have to take your word for it that it sounds like a verbatim.

Regardless, I love hearing about Ryan and his potential career choices.

molly said...

If it's ever helpful, I'm suspected Matt would be more than happy to tell Ryan how he was way more bummed than someone in CPE to have to go to Army-land today (for his last 2 weeks of summer). He can't wait to be done with his obligation. It's not feeling so much like a calling these days.

Being a pastor is a WAY cooler option. ;)

And, it's fun to hear that Ryan thinks so, too. Thanks for the story!

karen said...

At bedtime, I talked to Ryan a little bit more and he really has thought about being a pastor, but he said: How hard would I have to work to be one?

I told him that there was work involved in learning to do almost anything he hopes to do when he grows up but reassured him that I had confidence he could learn to do anything he wanted to do.

And he does so look up to Matt, and we have so curbed some of the things we might have said about the use of military in this war because of Matt, that I wouldn't mind at all if he found an opportunity over a hammer and nail or other construction project some time to encourage Ryan in other directions!

For now, Ryan proudly wears the PK label, just like Jeri's kids!

karen said...

The saga continues...

Ryan and I went to Harry's, our favorite place for breakfast, this morning. Ryan has been a regular at Harry's since he was in an infant car seat. We're not as regular since I started seminary because, while Harry's breakfasts are tasty, they're also a bit on the expensive side.

He has had his fill of silver dollar pancakes -- which he says should be called golden dollar pancakes since they are golden in color, not silver. And he has climbed into the booth beside me.

We're talking about Jeff Gordon, the Nascar driver, and Ryan wants to know where Jeff Gordon lives because he wants to meet him in person some day. We talk about how it wouldn't be that easy and how it might be possible but not likely for him to meet Jeff Gordon. Then we talk about heroes and how it's natural to want to meet your heroes in person. Then I tell him that I had wanted to meet Carol Burnett since I was 8 years old, but I didn't meet her until I was 38 -- and that was just in passing outside a theatre in New York.

This starts my son thinking about age. He's contemplating having to wait 30 years to see Jeff Gordon. Then he asks me this: How old will you be when I'm your age? The math is escaping me. Before I can come up with the number -- while refraining from saying out loud that I might not be an age then -- he asks a different question.

Do you think you'll be somebody's grandmother by then?

Maybe, I say, and if I am do you know whose kids they will be?

He shrugs his shoulders.

Yours, I say. And he smiles.

I'm going to come to your ceremony he says and he's smiling really broadly like he's really proud.

I can't think what ceremony he's talking about. We've been talking some about our wedding ceremony in Yosemite almost 11 years ago. And I think maybe he knows that -- God and the Board of Ordained Ministry willing -- there might be a ceremony next year when I'm commissioned.

You mean the ceremony where I become a pastor?

No, the other ceremony.

I'm still puzzled.

Then he comes up with the word.

Your memorial ceremony. I'll be there, he says, and he's still smiling and full of love.

And my eyes are beginning to fill.

And maybe I'll pray there, he says.

And now the tears are about to spill.

Because maybe I'll be a pastor by then.

And the tears start to roll down my face, and he sees them and says:

But we don't have to worry about that now.