Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Happy New (Appointment) Year

Entering my first year of full-time ministry -- well, official full-time ministry, it seems appropriate to make some New (Appointment) Year's resolutions...

1) Read more poetry.
1a) Write more poetry.
2) See more theatre.
2a) Research cheap ways to see theatre in San Diego.
3) Thank promptly.
3a) Live in an attitude of gratitude.
4) Keep it clean -- the desk, the coffee mug, maybe even the language
5) Delight daily in something. (Today I delighted in Ryan's delight in my explaining that I would no longer be talking on the phone in the car because I didn't want to make a $90 phone call.)
6) Renew my resolve to follow the leadings and guidings, nudgings and shoves of the Spirit.
7) Hold on to hope.

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