Thursday, July 03, 2008

Terry Rocks!

Memorial Day Weekend, Jeff and Ryan and I traveled to Adrian, Mich., and Defiance, Ohio, to see our nephew Matthew marry our new niece Marsha. I loved being in Defiance! But wordplay aside, over the course of the weekend, Terry (my brother-in-law via his marriage to Jeff's sister Jan) and I engaged in some deep theological discussion, which left little time for the helpful tips Terry often gives me on genealogy. Also over the course of the weekend, I directed Terry to my blog, where some of my theology lingers in some posted seminary papers or less organized ramblings. (It's also where some seminary graduation pictures are, so I had directed others there as well to share the joy photographically. Thanks, again, Molly for the photos!) When I returned home, I noticed that someone in Adrian was reading methodically through my blog. I was pretty sure it was Terry. Affirmation of this deduction came in the mail this week, when I opened a package from Terry that included the above-pictured mug. A person would need to have read this blog entry on my old blog to understand the significance -- the deep theological significance not to mention the sweet gesture -- of the gift. To my delight, the package also included a cap with the word Defiance on it. Now, I can be regularly in defiance! Speaking of defiance, it seems important to note that Terry acquired the mug through legal trade routes, not by the waitress-recommended method that might violate a commandment.

Thanks, Terry!!!

Sadly, I had hopes to put this post up much earlier in the week, complete with a photo of me with said mug and cap, but getting me, my camera, my usb cord, a charged battery and a computer in the same room proved too much of a challenge. And, keeping with my New Appointment Year's resolutions, I wanted to Thank Terry promptly and already feel like I'm late, but my gratitude is enormous.

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