Monday, July 28, 2008

The Voice of God

In a half dozen conversations, most of them unplanned and one unexpected, I have heard the voice of God today.

I first sought the voice on the labyrinth, where I came away with a new clarity and a new focus.

Then, I heard the voice at lunch, almost as an interview, in a friend walking me through the past decade or so of my life.

Then, I heard the voice in someone who knows my son well and is concerned about his migraines.

Then, I heard the voice in a distant friend who listened as I talked of how hard it is to be someone in the "soul caring" business who nevertheless sometimes causes "soul suffering" in others.

Then, I heard the voice in an unexpected call from someone I was in prayer with yesterday, someone who told me she heard the voice of God today during a deep tissue massage.

I heard the first voice as clarity and a call to action to help a cherished family member also find clarity. I heard the second voice as truth and a call to stay true to myself. I heard the third voice as compassion and a call to find relief for Ryan. I heard the fourth voice as pain and a call to name, at least to myself, not just some but all of the soul suffering I cause -- even to myself and those I love -- and to accept that some is inevitable and grace is abundant. I heard the fifth call as revelation, a gift of a vision into one possible future, a future I hope to avoid.

Then, I heard the voice within my heart. A voice of love and compassion and grace.

And I knew the answer to my labyrinth prayer.


Jeri said...

Go with the Spirit. "Listen to your voice above all others." A great friend gave me that sticker. ;)

molly said...

beautiful words and reminders to me to stay attentive to that wild and beautiful spirit' voice!

Orangeblossoms said...

Thanks for your voice.... I know you know what I mean.


The Fourth Voice.