Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Three years ago tonight...

...I left my desk at the newspaper for the last time.

I find myself at a loss for words tonight and most nights lately, so I don't have many to mark this anniversary.

And yet, one of my joys in the past three years has been reclaiming my identity as a writer after years as an editor.

I would not have begun to predict three years ago that I would already be a seminary graduate.

As timing goes, I treasure the fact that this anniversary was spent as a celebrant at Vespers. Vespers sustains me. And today was a very hard day a the church -- not emotionally, not theologically -- just a hard work day, a realistic one, and yet one to celebrate at the end of the day.

As symbolism goes, I find it significant that on this anniversary, I opened the packet of forms and instructions and questions I must turn into an 80-page application for commissioning within the United Methodist Church along the path to ordination. I even found the question that will prompt me to voice my conscientious objection to some of the denomination's policies.

What a journey of the heart and mind and soul and Spirit these three years have been.

As I told a friend at lunch today, I fully expect I will spend the rest of my life answering my sense of call to ministry, I just cannot predict in what form.

Thanks be to God for the courage to step beyond the newsroom and into the future. May that same courage guide my steps this year.


Marian said...

I loved reading these words. The comfort of reflecting on how well everything has worked out gives me comfort when stepping into new adventures. That is to say, your post reminds me of my own adventures and gives me courage.

Jeri said...

I celebrate your continuing passion for words and the beauty with which you will transform our world with them. Starting with the BOARD!!

Kelli said...